SPONSORS. Buskaid's successful development has been made possible through the generosity of a number of South African and international sponsors over the last nine years. We are indebted to all of them.





Principal Sponsors 2013/2014

Redefine Properties

The Buskaid Trust UK

Annenberg Foundation USA

MTN South Africa Foundation

The Doshi Group of Companies



Lil and David Munro

Walter and Elizabeth Bolliger

Lord and Lady Lurgan


Sponsorship in kind

Graham De Lacy

Classic FM

Dr Mark Jackson

Classic Feel Magazine

Hollard's Villa Arcadia

Centre for Sports Medicine, Rosebank

Dr Ian Jones






Buskaid UK

General Funding (donations £500 and above)

Mr Peter Verstage
The Cairns Charitable Trust
The Mackintosh Foundation
Friends & Family of the late
Mr David Boag
Mr and Mrs Roger Chadder
Ms Celia Harper
Family of the late Mr Halvor Astrup
Mrs Danya Glaser
Mr Patrick Dunne
Mr Matthew Lawson
Mr Richard Williams
The OVSH Trust


Simiso Radebe's Tertiary Study

The Caring Trust, The Glynn Harper Trust



Sponsorship in kind

Grahams Hi-Fi Ltd, JP Guivier & Co Ltd,

Barbara Roberts



The Royal Academy of Music, The Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust


The Buskaid Soweto String Project is funded by

The Buskaid Trust in South Africa (IT4749/99)
The Registered Charity Buskaid in the UK (1015089)
Buskaid USA Inc - registered as a tax exempt organisation
under Section 501(c).